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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My Favourite dress..:)

visit me on stardoll : lalaiposh


Saturday, 13 October 2012

my new hair...before & after..



my new hair & looks for today (sunday, oct, 2012)

i want these hair, really-2 want!!! sooo.. bad not enough lvl...   

Party with reenRainbow...(Stardoll)

hye... this is me, lalaiposh and my sister, reenRainbow... party-party yeahh!!.. this is the full photo... but i dont take more picture... i just take 2 photos...
tadaaaaaaaaaa~ this is the full photo.. we're having party this time... we're using princess dress.. it's look cool right?! actually, we're having party in my house.. i am in blue one and my sister the black one..

me and stardoll..

 hello this is me in stardoll, lalaiposh.....i am 9 years old... but in stardoll i put 16 age.. because i don't want kidsave protected membership, that some stardoll features are disabled...i am always playing with my sisters, reenrainbow, salam_ukhwah & laiposh.. i love to playing stardoll  because there's i can make my own fashion, also can make a lot & new friends... thanks to my parents cause allow me & sisters to playing stardolls.. and i'm really enjoy it!!!!!!!!!!